Kickoff 2020

Check out the 2020 Kickoff and commercials below.



Kickoff Skit 2019

Backstreet’s Back, Alright!


Guess What Day It Is!

Backstreet’s Back

Family Game Night

Doggy Driver; Application Day

Takin’ That Bridge

2019 Mission Kickoff

Driving Policy

Reveal Day

Penguin Commercial

Warning Bark

What is Student Leading?



Leader Training Invite 2018

Road News Network

Interns of Genius

Table Talk; Kickoff 2018

Fixer Upper

Gretel Heinz

Keynote; Kickoff 2018

Game Night; The Sloth

Student Leaders


Student Journey Orientation

The Tonight Show; Kickoff

Bless You, Peppers

Real People, Real Ken

Parent Meeting

Keynote; Kickoff 2017

Carpool Karaoke


Table Talk 2017

No Internet; Reveal Day

Matthew McConaughey



Mission Celebration

2016 Leader Appreciation

Details; Kickoff 2016

Road Fan

Kickoff 2016

Parent Meeting 2016

SNL; Kickoff 2016

The Finer Things

FSM and The Road

Keynote; Kickoff 2016

Which Direction

App Day


Parent Meeting 2015

Dr. Phil Skit

Most Interesting Dan

Uncomfortably Awkward Dan

Missions App Process

Details; Kickoff 2015

Party in the USA

Time Life; Which Direction

Keynote; Kickoff 2015

Golden Wings

I Wish They Were Paying Me

2015 Missions Kickoff


Keynote; Kickoff 2014


Old Spice

Jimmy Fallon Kickoff Skit

It’s Kickoff


Details; Kickoff 2014

Airplane App Day

Dan’s Hair