H The Hope 4 Honduras Family Journeys will take families to Mogote, Honduras to serve alongside the H4H staff through daily outreach, food distribution, Bible Kinder classes, and more!



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    July 26 – Aug 1




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    The Family Journeys are specifically designed and built for family discipleship through mission. Conversations and content are geared around this dynamic for maximum impact! While an adult may apply for international family journeys as an individual, priority will be given to family Goers when the team is formed.


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    Rooad trainings consist of

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    • Site Info | Learn the ins and outs of your mission, partners, and site
    • Plan and Prep | Roles, responsibilities, and ministry preparations as you get ready for the mission field

    Engage on mission!


    Hope for Honduras (H4H) is a non-profit ministry based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras founded in 1999 after Hurricane Mitch devastated the countryside and displaced people sought employment and a fresh start. Ron and Shelley Jones began their work ministering to the spiritual and physical needs of the people of Mogote. The population served has grown from 300 original displaced persons to over 100,000 men, women, and children living in extreme poverty.

    H4H serves as  the spiritual and resource hub for the local church and community by providing daily feeding, Bible Kinder, Spanish school tutoring program, Bilingual school, Bible Institute, Vocational School Program, and Medical Clinic.

    We will serve with H4H by helping in the Bible Kinder, serving in the Bilingual School, feeding children in the streets, packing and distributing food, and building and dedicating a house. 


    This journey is an OVERNIGHT TRIP. The team will be staying at the mission house and be well taken care of by Ron and Shelley Jones.
    Monday- Wednesday
    7:00a - Leave for Mogote
    8:00a - Devotions with staff
    9:00a - House building, Kitchen helpers, Bag food
    9:30a - Feeding in the streets
    10:45 - Bible kinder
    12:00p - Lunch in Mogote
    1:00p - House building, Bag food
    1:30p - Bilingual (K)
    2:00p - Bilingual (1&2)
    3:00p - Play in the street
    6:00p - Dinner mission house
    7:00p - Team Time