Family Missions

Missions Kickoff 2020  |  Sunday, January 12

GO as a Family

We believe that serving together on mission is just about the coolest thing a family can do!  As we respond to God’s calling to serve, something unique happens.  Not only will God work through you, He’ll work IN you.  Serving on mission has a way of catalyzing families together in the name of Jesus…plus, they’re just SO fun.

2020 Missions Season

The 2020 Season will be online soon!  Check back in soon to discover all family journey opportunities coming next year.

What qualifies as a “family” on a Road journey?  Families come in all shapes and sizes.  These “Family Journeys” are designed and built for families to experience growth together as they share in the serving experience.  To GO on a family journey, your family must contain at least ONE parent/guardian/mentor and at least ONE child who meets the minimum age requirement at the time of the journey.

Different sites have different minimum age or grade requirements, set by our partners or the Journey’s design.