Family Missions

Missions Kickoff 2019  |  Sunday, January 13

GO as a Family

We believe that serving together on mission is just about the coolest thing a family can do!  As we respond to God’s calling to serve, something unique happens.  Not only will God work through you, He’ll work IN you.  Serving on mission has a way of catalyzing families together in the name of Jesus…plus, they’re just SO fun.

2019 Missions Season

2019 Family Journeys

What qualifies as a “family” on a Road journey?  Families come in all shapes and sizes.  These “Family Journeys” are designed and built for families to experience growth together as they share in the serving experience.  To GO on a family journey, your family must contain at least ONE parent/guardian/mentor and at least ONE child who meets the minimum age requirement at the time of the journey.

Different sites have different minimum age or grade requirements, set by our partners or the Journey’s design.


Check out these 2019 Family opportunities on The Road!



H4H Family

Hope 4 Honduras 1 Family  —  March 10-16
Hope 4 Honduras 3 Family  —  June 23-29

The Hope 4 Honduras Family Journeys will take families to Mogote, Honduras to serve alongside the H4H staff through daily outreach, food distribution, Bible Kinder classes, and more!

$1500 per person

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Parachute LBK

CStat Family  —  College Station — June 30 – July 3

Families on the new CStat Journey will have the opportunity to experience this college town while growing with their family both relationally and spiritually. Need not be an Aggie to apply!

$75 per person

The 2019 Cstat site is a GO!  There is VERY limited availability on this new and exciting journey.  Learn more below!


Mother / Daughter Excursion  —  Waco — Jul 20 – 24

Moms and gals will have the opportunity to grow in relational and spiritual depth together by diving into mission and having some fun along the way. Did someone say Magnolia??

$300 per person

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Father / Son Excursion  —  Enchanted Rock — Jul 21 – 24

The Father/Son Excursion is a great Journey taking dads and dudes to the Hill Country! We will be staying in Fredericksburg, TX, hiking at Enchanted Rock, and then serving The Austin community through local outreach. This excursion is geared for for fathers and sons to grow together, having intentional conversations about their faith while hiking the hills of Texas.

$300 per person

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