RRATL (Restoration Atlanta) is an incredible opportunity for women to engage in highly relational ministry in the heart of Georgia.


  • Women's Encounter

    April 21 – 26




  • Prayer Support Letters
    • Fundraising Available

    Why Fundraising


    Be a Goer by following the steps below!

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    We love getting to know you! The documentation and vetting process includes

    • Discovery! Getting to know you, your heart, and your pursuit.
    • Background check. All adults serving on mission must clear a background check.
    • References

    Following our vetting process, approved Goers will receive confirmation and team details! (If for any reason applicants are not approved, we will provide a detailed conversation explaning why.)

    We'll provide you with a fundraising kit, including a "how-to", miscellanous resources, an example support letter, stamps, evenlopes, etc.

    Rooad trainings consist of

    • Team Discovery | Get to know your team as you prepare to serve and grow together
    • Site Info | Learn the ins and outs of your mission, partners, and site
    • Plan and Prep | Roles, responsibilities, and ministry preparations as you get ready for the mission field

    Engage on mission!


    Restoration Atlanta was created to help redefine local missions in the city. The leaders of RATL (pronounce rattle--as in Ez 37:7) were not interested in starting another mission opportunity in the city for those in the suburbs to drive in, drop off, and drive away--creating a transaction-like experience. No, our desire was to create an environment where being with was valued over doing for--which in turn would  lead to transformation for all.

    The mission of RATL is to create urban ministry environments that foster God’s restoration, building the Kingdom within and through His children. Our goal is to bring individuals from all walks of life together for a unique and interactive mission experience, where both physical and spiritual restoration are received by all. We believe ministry and worship that unite young people from disparate socioeconomic backgrounds will inspire transformation and advance the Kingdom in Atlanta and beyond.


    These journeys are OVERNIGHT TRIPS. Students will stay in a teamhouse facility provided by Restoration Atlanta. 
    7:00a - Breakfast with residents
    8:00a - Devos
    8:30a - Fast Break
    9:00a - Summer programming
    1:00p - Lunch
    1:40p - Summer programming
    3:30p - Free time/rest
    5:00p - Dinner with residents
    7:00p - Team Time
    10:30p - Lights out