We believe that high-impact ministry based on mission simply can’t take place without effective volunteers committed to building intentional relationships and raising up students. Each season, The Road relies completely on a volunteer staff of Adult Leaders and Roadies.

Our team of volunteer leaders is the lifeblood of effective ministry, and we are committed to cultivating a team that is equipped to serve and disciple students as we pursue Christ and Kingdom impact.

What Road Leaders are:
  • Goers with student development and discipleship at heart
  • Facilitators that are trained and equipped to develop students
  • Leaders eager to see students thrive and grow
  • Adults (25+) who see the potential of every student and are committed to the season, not just the trip
What Road Leaders¬†aren’t:
  • Chaperones.¬† You’re not along for the ride! You’re on the journey to develop students and impact the Kingdom!
Are you interested in leading a student journey?